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Goal is to increase public awareness and use of the Lifeline subsidy.

Purpose is to educate the public about Lifeline benefits through partnerships with organizations and government agencies.

Assist the client in signing up for service
How do we achieve our GPA?

We go beyond the normal means of advertising to educate the public about this service. Not only do we use television, radio, print, and web but we also work with local businesses, schools, churches, non-profits and government agencies to spread awareness and assist clients in taking advantage of a benefit that is meant for them.

How do I qualify?

You may qualify for the Lifeline benefit if you participate in one or more of the following programs.

Lifeline Outreach Program

Lifeline Outreach Program

What is the Lifeline Program?
The Lifeline program is a federal government program. The belief is that all persons should be offered a way to communicate regardless of their income. Less than 30% of the people who qualify for this benefit take advantage of it often due to a lack of awareness. We work to educate communities, organizations, and government agencies of what this program is, how it works, and who qualifies for it.

How do I benefit?
You must be eligible to receive Lifeline cell phone service. Only one Lifeline benefit per household is permitted. You will need to provide or show a copy of program participation or income level in order to participate. You may not transfer your Lifeline service to anyone.

Government assisted plans will vary by state. Discounted upgrades are available.
Residents of Alfalfa, Beaver, Cimarron, Greer, Harmon, Harper, Jackson, Texas, Woods, the western half of Ellis county, and Beckham county south of the North Fork of the Red River known as "the leased district" counties in Oklahoma are not eligible for Enhanced Lifeline.

Upgrade packages are available!


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* Medicaid
* Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program
* Supplemental Security Income
* Federal Public Housing Assistance (Section 8)
* Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program
* National School Lunch Program's free lunch program
* Temporary Assistance for Needy Families
* Total household income at or below 135% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines
** Documentation showing program participation or requisite income required.
***Some states may have additional programs. Please visit for more information.

*Lifeline is a federal government assistance program that helps lower the cost of monthly phone service for eligible, low income households. To qualify for the Lifeline service you must be on qualifying government assistance or meet certain income requirements. For more information about the Lifeline program and qualifying government programs visit or You may also call 1-855-818-2255. True Wireless provides phones as a way to help eligible consumers. Phones are NOT provided by the government nor are the cost for them supplemented by the government. True Wireless has established the Lifeline Outreach Program to educate eligible consumers about the program. Only one lifeline service is available per household and may not be transferred to anyone. Terms and conditions apply. Prices, plans, and/or promotions are subject to change.